Photographic Journal: June

Sunset The beach! Three Cliff Bay Aggressive cattle! The valley Ripples Vibrant woodland A little friend Lift your eyes up Busy Simplicity Hungry Solitude Sail away Low tide Bank Holiday Monday Tide Warming up Weary feet Learning a new skill Kokedama The beauty of the garden Wisteria Door to another reality? May they rest in... Continue Reading →

Best laid plans

#689 #plans don't always come to fruition, sometimes the #perfectvision for a #garden is overtaken by what naturally grows. That isn't always a bad thing and sometimes the result is more lovely than the original plan. 

Slowly blooms the rose within

#652 There in the garden of the┬ásoul rests a rose bush, with a rose about to bloom. The rose represents the self, with an aspiration to be beautiful and bright in the eyes of the divine gardener. The gardener tends and nurtures the little rose, softly speaking words of encouragement...does it hear, will it continue... Continue Reading →

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