The Bread of Love

Bread and jam or daily bread?  Bread winner or maker?  Bread of life or of love?  Bread with raise or  that which draws gaze?  Bread of diversity:  naan, chapattis, pita,  flat bread, baguette,  garlic bread and pizza…. It is kneaded - it grows,  it feeds, it permeates The bread of love The body of Christ... Continue Reading →

The Agony

I love this poem, and have been dwelling in it as I ponder what it might mean to be a priest... Philosophers have measured mountains, Fathom'd the depths of seas, of states, and kings, Walk'd with a staff to heaven, and traced fountains But there are two vast, spacious things, The which to measure it... Continue Reading →

The Encounter

Above the beauty and bustle of the valley An expanse of heather filled space awaited. The beautifully radiant blue sky was fresh, Fragrant with the scent of the morning. A light wind wound its way towards me - It caressed my face urging me ahead. Every step gave way to astonishing awe, Wonderment grew Continue Reading →

God as…

...Mother, providing for the needs of her young... ...Rock or solid ground on which to depend... ...A glimpse of light amongst a sea of shadows. What images would you use to describe God?

Fingerprints of God

I have been really struck by someone's words to me: "the fingerprints of God are all over the place." Later someone else made a reference to the imprints of God on our hearts. I've been left with some really powerful images, and continue to ponder where I see the fingerprints of God, both around me,... Continue Reading →


The following was written as a response to accompanying someone in the last moments of their life. I have remembered it this week in response to leading an All Souls service where the veil between heaven and earth felt quite thin at times... Liminal space One meets another Heaven Earth Time Stillness Light Darkness Human... Continue Reading →

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