Sunday’s Homily

Hold on to the Hope of Christ Hear the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ according to John Glory to you O Lord Gospel reading John 11:1-45 This is the Gospel of the Lord Praise to you O Christ Homily The Rev'd Morna Simpson A final prayer and blessing: God of compassion, you call us... Continue Reading →

Give way to self

#414 On #day26 of placement I had another opportunity to deliver a #homily on our readings for the mid-week Eucharist with 15 minutes notice. It's a skill that will be #invaluable in all areas of #ministry and yet it invokes more nerves than a full sermon usually does...why? For someone who always likes to plan... Continue Reading →

Humbled by grace

#400 #day18 of placement has a theme of #humility where being called to humility was part of my #homily for our mid-week eucharist. It was also the main feeling in my heart as a homeless man thanked me for all I had done to help (which was to print a form to fill out for... Continue Reading →

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