Silent Ghosts

A ghost can be a wish, an intention to imitate or embellish Do you remember the time when people could be in places without thinking about spaces or covering their faces? When rooms were filled with laughter and light; when fights for rights were in plain sight of daylight because their right was our right!... Continue Reading →

Brokenness into Beauty

The room was huge - bigger than you might be able to envisage, stretching as long as it was wide It seemed to go on and on… goodness knows what it was before this destruction? A banqueting hall perhaps, which would make more sense of the ceramic debris covering the floor! Eyes took a few... Continue Reading →


#384 #day2 of #placement involved two #pastoralvisits and an #intermentofashes. Two things really struck me today: firstly the absolute privilege of walking with people at certain times in their lives, and secondly the #vulnerabilityofhumanity. Those who are housebound completely rely on the good will of those around them to visit or to run errands. They... Continue Reading →

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