The Kitchen Table

There I stood at the door unaware my presence was already known, confused that I was expected, yet basking in the scent of baking bread beckoning me home. The cooking pot on the stove was larger than I had ever seen, animatedly exhaling the scent of pure love, bowed adoration bubbling from within. The radio... Continue Reading →

From Sin to Pride…

Last weekend I watched Channel 4’s new five-part drama It’s a Sin and was incredibly moved by it - the emotion has really stayed with me throughout the week. The fact that the national response to AIDS was happening in my childhood was not lost on me, and I found myself looking on YouTube for... Continue Reading →

The Journey

A welcome retreat has given me an opportunity to reflect on which paths I have walked over the last twelve months, where I lost my way, as well as those moments I barely remember because I failed to pay attention. The next step is usually to look ahead, but I am beginning to wonder whether... Continue Reading →

The Shinkansen Travellers

Traveller life forces on ahead at the speed of light. The shinkansen practically flying along bullet speed lines. Moments have passed, “Mamonaku! Tsugi ha…” “Attention please! Our next stop is…” There is barely any attention for the present, the here and now! And yet already travellers have reached Tokyo. “Tokyo ha shuuten desu” “This is... Continue Reading →

The Art of Encounter

This week I had felt drawn to walk the parish. Having been given boundary maps and a Leicester A-Z last week I was fully equipped! Not being fully sure what I would find I set off on Monday morning after Morning Prayer, rucksack and camera in hand. It would be wonderful to have been able... Continue Reading →


#700 Today marked my #ordinationceremony as #deacon. It was so beautiful to share this day with so many people who have walked with me and helped to shape me into who I am. It has been such an amazing journey so far, and yet "what feels like the end is often the beginning." Thank you... Continue Reading →


#648 #ordinarytimestole to symbolise our #journeytoGod Where does #godsstory and #ourstory interlink?


#619 #day34 of #lentchallenge with @bible_society #journey as #lookingback and #lookingahead two years on #ordinandsquietday

Branching and weaving

#550 How many ways are there to #see the same thing? How many different #opinions can people hold? Does that mean that we can never #agree? Is there such a thing as good #disagreement? Can we ever take those who have such a different opinion from ours with us on the #journey?

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