You can never have too many books

#634 As my stack of recommended books gets slightly out of control, I wonder whether it might be possible to have too many books...and yet Terry Waite's Taken on Trust has convinced me otherwise as he recounts his #desperation to read during his time as a hostage. In books there is #escapism, #knowledge and #story, all of... Continue Reading →

Wisdom of literature 

#361 #literature continues to give knowledge to all who willingly seek. There are so many lessons to be learned, so much wisdom from people and times gone by who we think would know nothing of our contemporary struggles. #books are a gift to be cherished, however old or new...

Learn and know less…

#304 Having completed an assignment on #covenant, I now feel that I know less than when I started! #alberteinstein "The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don't know!"

Writing will change the world…

#265 #thepenismightierthanthesword Thinking and writing has far more influence than violence. Today during our evening worship we thanked God for the #knowledge of the many who have gone before us, as well as those we learn from. I #pray for all who are revising for exams that they would gain knowledge and #wisdom through their... Continue Reading →

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