This has been a week of discomfort in various ways for me and others in parish at times. Last Saturday our churches clubbed together with the local social club to put on a Community Fun Day. It was really well attended, and in many ways a success, but it really took a number of people... Continue Reading →


#464 At our #IHS gathering we prayed for those growing up and questioning their sexuality in the church; for #lgbt people who face sexual, physical and emotional #abuse because of their #sexuality; and for lgbt people exploring a #calltoordination who may struggle in the discernment process. May the Lord bless us and keep us, the... Continue Reading →

#196 This evening was one of the occasions where representatives from each of the Theological Colleges in Oxford go and worship and have dinner at other colleges. We went to #regentspark which was so lovely and welcoming. The sermon was very thought provoking and encouraged us to think about the opposite of exclusion…embrace! How can... Continue Reading →

#171 #prayerchangesthings I pray for my #Anglican #lgbt brothers and sisters, particularly those who live in places where it is a crime to be LGBT, who are imprisoned or who suffer violent attacks because of who they are… #lordinyourmercy (at Ripon College Cuddesdon)

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