Where is God…?

After taking a break from writing over the last few months, I am finally seeing those glimmers of God once again, inspiring thoughts and even gifting a few lines of poetry. It would be fair to say that writers block has silenced me, yet perhaps there are times when it is more important to listen... Continue Reading →

The power of words

I went to an event called Soulful Wordsmiths this weekend, and was reminded of the power of words. Whether we like it or not what we say, and how we say it, can carry a huge amount of authority. Our words have the potential to welcome or alienate as we choose, or as others hear.... Continue Reading →


This week has felt rather busy, and as I look back I can see that I have definitely been guilty of cramming too much into my diary and therefore failing to give real time to anything. It has struck me that this is very much the way of our modern world: fit as much as... Continue Reading →


‪#610 #day26 of #lentchallenge with @bible_society #listen - how many times do you listen to something before you #hear it?

World Mental Health Day

#440 For #worldmentalhealthday I have been thinking about how differently we can all see the world. Understanding how different the world may look to someone with depression can be hard, but the effort that goes with trying, and being open to just listening, can mean so much to someone living with depression. These things are... Continue Reading →

Military chaplaincy

#405 Today marks the first day of a break from placement to be with the #armedforceschaplains for a week. In a lovely location, with numerous opportunities to learn about #chaplaincy in a #military context, I'm looking for God in the army - I'm sure I'll find Him, but unsure of what I will learn about... Continue Reading →

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