From Sin to Pride…

Last weekend I watched Channel 4’s new five-part drama It’s a Sin and was incredibly moved by it - the emotion has really stayed with me throughout the week. The fact that the national response to AIDS was happening in my childhood was not lost on me, and I found myself looking on YouTube for... Continue Reading →

The Shinkansen Travellers

Traveller life forces on ahead at the speed of light. The shinkansen practically flying along bullet speed lines. Moments have passed, “Mamonaku! Tsugi ha…” “Attention please! Our next stop is…” There is barely any attention for the present, the here and now! And yet already travellers have reached Tokyo. “Tokyo ha shuuten desu” “This is... Continue Reading →

Left behind…

As autumn falls around me, I've been thinking about this idea of being left behind. I have had the great privilege of planning and leading two funerals this week, and have been reflecting on the differences in approach of each and the reasons for these aside from obvious character distinctions. This led me to further... Continue Reading →

First week in parish…

My first week in the parish has been amazing, wonderful and varied, whilst also providing challenges expected when getting to know new people and a new area - I only got lost once, thanks to the SatNav! I've been hugely blessed with people's kindness and generosity and have ended the week so thankful for the... Continue Reading →

New Years Eve

#522 #newyearseve encourages us to think about the previous year - #losses, #hurts and #pains inevitably form part of that picture for me, but there are also rich #blessings to focus on. In an effort to not let pain overshadow, nor to #losehope for 2017 when something goes wrong, I hold onto these blessings: an... Continue Reading →

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