Never Again

What if Adam and Eve had not been tempted by the serpent to eat fruit if humanity had not got so self-obsessed that there was a huge flood a flood to end all floods followed by a rainbow promise of never again yet again and again we got it wrong so much so the Son... Continue Reading →


Have you ever been frustrated by a disruption to your day? Your plans fail not because of your actions, but because of something completely outside of your control. Many of us would see this as a negative thing, I'm sure, but what about positive disruption? My ministerial training was centred around a benedictine pattern of... Continue Reading →

The Wardrobe

Many live in wardrobes afraid to come out, to wear their hearts on their sleeves and let the world see the real 'them' inside. They are ever aware of the need to hide, to curtail and rail, all that is perceived as those garishly clashly cast off items. The wardrobe life is tiring and troublesome,... Continue Reading →


#698 #ohashi translates as #chopsticks and #bridge in #Japanese. I began the day listening to #bridgeovertroubledwater #forgrenfell and was thinking about what and who might act as a bridge in troubled times. This beautiful song encourages #hope and #solidarity and felt to me like an #actoflove - a #bridge in more ways than one!

Take time 

#660 #lookingback #lookingahead Taking time to share the things we love with the people we love in the midst of #changingtimes 


#582 #day1 of #LentChallenge with @bible_society #love as #sacrifice...How would you photograph love?

Salt and Light

#558 I preached at our #eucharistservice this morning on being #saltandlight and Jesus coming to #fulfilthelaw. #Salt was a valuable commodity in Palestine in Jesus’ time. It was valued for its potential to purify, preserve and lend flavour to all things. #Purity reminds us to be mindful of our standards of honesty, diligence at work, contentiousness, and... Continue Reading →

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