The Alabaster Jar

Luke 7:36-50 - A woman bathes Jesus’ feet with expensive oil… It has taken me a long time to process all that was discussed at Synod, not least because I tested positive for Covid towards the end of the sessions and have taken time to be well from that. There was, though, a great deal... Continue Reading →

Words of change…?

For a few months now, it is almost like there has been nothing to write...actually that has been far from true. There has been so much to write about, to comment on, to realise, to think through, and I have felt verbally paralysed, being unable to find the right words, find any words to express... Continue Reading →

Images of Work

If you had to find an image for the work you do - whatever it is that preoccupies most of your time - what would it be? This is mine: Sometimes ministry can feel quite lonely so the lone dandelion represents it well. There are a number of other dandelions around, but actually I am... Continue Reading →

God’s Ministry

#636 #ministry - Is it mine or ours or God's? Like the water rippling in this brook, each drop contributes to the water of the whole, which feeds into the #riverthames and eventually the North Sea - that's the big picture that each drop is part of, created and sustained by God...#godsministry? 


#528 Never before have I had such a lovely diary that it arrived in a box! An essential element of #ministry, and many other walks of life, is #organisation! With this one book my #timekeeping and organisation will be perfect....

Funeral ministry

#399 #day17 of placement involved a funeral preparation visit. Having been involved in a #funeral in the first week of placement, along with this has given me a real sense of the importance and privilege of #funeralministry. It seems to be one huge act of #service to a family, both in getting the preparations right,... Continue Reading →

Home communion

#387 #day5 of #placement involved a #homecommunion visit - it was such a privilege to take communion to a parishioner who had not been able to receive for months and share in that with them. #ministryoflove #ministryofservice 

A new discovery!

#385 The real #highlight of #placement #day3 was a #farmvisit under the guise of #blessingthecombineharvester. The farmer took great time to show us and tell us about all that they grow, and the highs and lows of farming. I really felt like I was getting alongside people and finding out what is important to them,... Continue Reading →

Relaxation of fish

#337 Fish can be wonderfully calming. Over the last few days I've spent quite a bit of time in the #nightingalemacmillanunit in the #royalderby and have been so #humbled by the #love and #care that people give to those in the end stages of their lives. The atmosphere there is just lovely and relaxed with... Continue Reading →

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