#646 For those days, for those situations, for those people, and for those places, for when we feel alone, today I pray:

Heavenly Father,
in your Son Jesus Christ
you have given us a true faith and a sure hope.
Strengthen this faith and hope in us all our days,
that we may live as those who believe in

the communion of saints
the forgiveness of sins
and the resurrection to eternal life;

through Jesus Christ our Lord.

(From the 1928 Prayer Book)


#596 #day14 of #lentchallenge with @bible_society #family as those who you #breathetheair with – pets, people and places

Person of peace

#546 I have been thinking about facilitation and leading discussion in a way which keeps people safe, and helps them to see that there views are important even when they contradict the general mood in the group. In practice, as a teacher, I am prone to congratulate those points which are well made. I had not realised that this can be taken as my affirmation of the person and the opinion they represent…humans are so keen for affirmation that they are often quick to also give it. How do we free ourselves from this need. Is it enough to just thank people for their contributions and move on, or does this seem churlish or uncaring? How can we be people of peace with real integrity?

Hearts of glass

#539 A #preciousgift given long ago seems to have broken beyond repair – it’s upsetting when important #symbols of our #love and #affections are #damaged. I’ve been reminded of the importance of our feelings, and looking after one another, whatever damage falls around us.

Human hearts of love
Fragile yet beautiful glass
Easily broken…

People watching

#504 #day9 of #japantravels was spent in Shibuya and Ginza, shopping and catching up with family. I could have stayed in this particular place for hours though, watching people come and go – I love people watching! Today I #pray for all who passed through #shibuyacrossing – may they be blessed and know God’s peace. Amen. 

People are like petals

#305 #communities are like #flowers, with #peopleaspetals holding one another #safely within. At the beginning of the life of a flower, all of the petals #growtogether at a similar speed. In the same way a community grows together. When one petal wilts, the others join it, just like members of a community share in the trials of one.