#646 For those days, for those situations, for those people, and for those places, for when we feel alone, today I pray: Heavenly Father, in your Son Jesus Christ you have given us a true faith and a sure hope. Strengthen this faith and hope in us all our days, that we may live as... Continue Reading →


#596 #day14 of #lentchallenge with @bible_society #family as those who you #breathetheair with - pets, people and places

Person of peace

#546 I have been thinking about facilitation and leading discussion in a way which keeps people safe, and helps them to see that there views are important even when they contradict the general mood in the group. In practice, as a teacher, I am prone to congratulate those points which are well made. I had... Continue Reading →

Hearts of glass

#539 A #preciousgift given long ago seems to have broken beyond repair - it's upsetting when important #symbols of our #love and #affections are #damaged. I've been reminded of the importance of our feelings, and looking after one another, whatever damage falls around us. Human hearts of love Fragile yet beautiful glass Easily broken...

People watching

#504 #day9 of #japantravels was spent in Shibuya and Ginza, shopping and catching up with family. I could have stayed in this particular place for hours though, watching people come and go - I love people watching! Today I #pray for all who passed through #shibuyacrossing - may they be blessed and know God's peace.... Continue Reading →

People are like petals

#305 #communities are like #flowers, with #peopleaspetals holding one another #safely within. At the beginning of the life of a flower, all of the petals #growtogether at a similar speed. In the same way a community grows together. When one petal wilts, the others join it, just like members of a community share in the... Continue Reading →

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