#483 My current knitting project has reminded me about #perseverance and #solidarity in the difficult times! I failed miserably with this pattern having to knit the same line seven times! Challenging tasks can be rewarding…hope that proves true here!

The knitting project

#252 #itisfinished I began knitting this jumper in January 2014 and no less than 27 months later I have completed it. It represents so much busyness as I have allowed it to sit untouched for months on end #toobusy to take time out to do something I love. It is also well travelled, having been carried around on holidays, into coffee shops and through a house move. So many conversations have taken place whilst knitting this jumper, with my mother, partner and friends. I’ve also prayed whilst knitting it, about calling, my journey with God and for others. It is a symbol of my life over the last two years, and it’s completion marks the end of a chapter.