Seeing rather than looking…

This week I had the great pleasure of a quiet day to contemplate the last month of ministry and refocus for the month ahead. I read an excellent book called Spirituality and Photography. I was struck by two things.  Firstly that we are to be catchers of the light - to bring attention to the... Continue Reading →


This has been a week of discomfort in various ways for me and others in parish at times. Last Saturday our churches clubbed together with the local social club to put on a Community Fun Day. It was really well attended, and in many ways a success, but it really took a number of people... Continue Reading →


‪#593 #day11 of #lentchallenge with @bible_society #leadership as #photography where the photographer has to keep an eye on the #vision, and ensure that it is well #communicated to all involved for perfect execution.

Photography as prayer

#402 #day20 of placement was my #dayoff and the day where I went to choose my #photographicreflections can now also benefit from this fabulous #dslrnikon. Over the past year I've tried to see #God in the everyday, and #photography has become a #formofprayer. Today then, a #prayerofthanks for the many #gifts we have and... Continue Reading →

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