The Kitchen Table

There I stood at the door unaware my presence was already known, confused that I was expected, yet basking in the scent of baking bread beckoning me home. The cooking pot on the stove was larger than I had ever seen, animatedly exhaling the scent of pure love, bowed adoration bubbling from within. The radio... Continue Reading →

Book Club

The escapism of reading... Today was Book Club, which I love! I have always enjoyed reading, and I regularly get lost in a book. I’m really struck by how difficult it is at the moment to concentrate long enough to actually pick up the thread of a book - both fiction and non-fiction! Reading poetry... Continue Reading →

The Encounter

Above the beauty and bustle of the valley An expanse of heather filled space awaited. The beautifully radiant blue sky was fresh, Fragrant with the scent of the morning. A light wind wound its way towards me - It caressed my face urging me ahead. Every step gave way to astonishing awe, Wonderment grew Continue Reading →


This has been a week of discomfort in various ways for me and others in parish at times. Last Saturday our churches clubbed together with the local social club to put on a Community Fun Day. It was really well attended, and in many ways a success, but it really took a number of people... Continue Reading →

Leadership as poetry

#563 I've been thinking about might you illustrate good leadership? Might it look like #poetry, where the poet is #guided by, and writes from, something so #deep within, they may not fully know the true potential until they arrive it? Just as the #interplay between #words is key in poetry, is the cooperation between team members... Continue Reading →

The Faceless Woman

Saturday afternoon. Miserably bleak. Incomplete mundane tasks creep upon me; fuel gauge beeps, warning lights flash. Fuel station! Reluctantly I pull in. Frustration looms and I wait, as she stops me in my tracks. I fail to see this faceless woman in my hotheadedness. At least I don’t really see her and her need; the... Continue Reading →


#443 This week I've been working on a #resource for #contemplativeprayer. I've also been incredibly humbled by events of the last few days. This #poem came out of those two aspects of my week: #Humility Oblivion is easy, simple, peaceful even; But is it real, everlasting peace? That which flows from God, The source of... Continue Reading →

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