Lift up your hearts

#693 #middayeucharist with #stpaulscathedraldundee was a lovely #oasis in the busyness of the past few weeks #liftupyourhearts 

Speak out

#685 I’ve lit a #candle in memory of all those who have lost their lives in the #grenfelltower #fire. I have sat in my nice comfortable home with this small candle, well aware of my #privilege at having a home which is well looked after and does not put me in danger. I am also mindful of my #voice to speak up for those who fail to be heard in our society, and the huge responsibility which comes with that. As well as praying for those who are bereaved through this tragedy, I pray for courage for those who will be heard to speak out and for determination to not settle until ALL are safe in our homes and workplaces. AMEN. 

London Bridge attack

#674 Today I #pray for all affected by the #londonbridgeattack – for all who mourn, are injured and in shock as well as those involved in first response. #comeholyspirit 


#588 #day6 of #lentchallenge with @bible_society #fear of #absence of someone close…Today I pray for all for whom someone is absent temporarily or permanently. May they find comfort and peace. Amen. 

People watching

#504 #day9 of #japantravels was spent in Shibuya and Ginza, shopping and catching up with family. I could have stayed in this particular place for hours though, watching people come and go – I love people watching! Today I #pray for all who passed through #shibuyacrossing – may they be blessed and know God’s peace. Amen. 

Sorrows and joys

#444 As part of #eveningprayer this evening we were invited to #symbolise giving our #sorrows and #joys to God by releasing stones to represent our sorrows and petals to represent our joys. The stones sink in the water, in the same way that God envelops and surrounds them for us and with us. Equally the petals float, just as God holds our joys with us and encourages us to flourish in them. Tonight I #pray that all those with sorrows on their heart might be held and #comforted by God, and that those with joy would be encouraged to #flourish. Amen.


#438 #hospitality today in the form of #openday. It is always a #pleasure to welcome prospective ordinands into this space that we are privileged to look after! Today I #pray for all exploring #priestlyvocations as well as those discerning next steps. May they hear God’s voice above all else. Amen. 

Looking out of the open window

#419 “Where God closes a door, somewhere he opens a window.” Today is the first day of my final year at #theologicalcollege so this is perhaps a strange saying to reflect on. I am aware though, that it is also the first day of the first year for my new colleagues. For some the door to their old professional life only closed on Friday and today they have arrived wondering what on earth the next few years will be like. Today the #window has been opened a crack for these new ordinands as they have tasted college life and worship very briefly, seeing a glimpse of what lies ahead. For those returning, the window is open much wider, giving a better view of what lies ahead, of how we are changing and developing. All of us though, are still at the window stage…it will be a while yet until we find the door to get out and #explore this vast new life of possibility. For now though, I pray that ordinands across the country would gaze out at the unfamiliar horizon, taking in every detail, being open to new possibilities. God be in our head, and in our understanding; God be in our eyes, and in our looking; God be in our mouths, and in our speaking; God be in our hearts, and in our thinking; God be in our ends, and at our departing. Amen. 

Military chaplains

#408 A visit to #sandhurst today helped to give an idea of what #formation as a #militarychaplain or #padre would look like. As with so many aspects of #ordainedministry there is no way this would be possible without a #calling. Today I pray for all #ordinands and #curates as they #discern the #shapeoftheirministry, I #pray for Padres and the work that they do with huge numbers of people who may otherwise not interact with the church. May they be blessed, and a blessing, in all they do. Amen. 

Prayers for…

#397 On #day15 of my #placement I asked the congregation two questions before I preached: where would they go in the universe if they could go anywhere, and who would they meet if they could meet anyone. The responses were a mixture of #aspirations and #sadness. Today I #pray for each of the people and places represented in these thoughts, for the lives that could be and the lives that have been, for dictatorships which have torn families apart, and for loved ones long since missed. Amen.