#379 I’ve been looking at the #bookofcommonprayer today, the wording and the rubrics and what theological standpoints have brought together this liturgical collection. It seems somewhat ironic that #liturgy which was designed to be accessible to lay people over 400 years ago is still in use and held in such high regard by some – that which seeks to unite has perhaps become #divisive within our contemporary society. How could the church be more #accessible to our broad and diverse society today?

Day by day

#375 #theexamen #ignatiusspirituality 1) #lookingbackontheday with #godseye, not just your own. 2) What have you got to give thanks for? 3) Review the day, being guided by the Holy Spirit. 4) Is there anything that is wrong, that you need to face up to? 5) Where do you need God in the day to come? 

Be still and know that I am God

#364 #psalm46 “Be still and know that I am God.” I’ve been reflecting on this since Sunday when I went to St Michael’s Church #alnwick who were thinking about different ways to pray. It is difficult not to know God in our #naturalworld where there are so many displays of His #power and #glory. Being still within that is a #discipline that seems really difficult to observe in the business of everyday life…it’s my challenge this week! Would anyone like to join me?

The religious life

#363 Decided to @visitscotland as it is only an hour away. #melroseabbey was a beautiful place of great history with a sacred atmosphere. The #religiouslife has interested me for many years – what draws men and women to give up everything for a life of prayer and service? It must be a life of rich blessing and fulfilment! Today I #pray for all who live in religious communities, as well as those #exploringacall to the religious life.

Prayer release

#356 At the #funeral we asked people to place a flower, as a symbol of their prayer/hope/wish, in a bowl of water. We took these to the River Derwent in the evening and prayerfully released them. So #grateful to all who travelled to support and stand alongside us.

Dad’s work bench

#347 #dadsworkbench…the place where things used to go to be fixed, adjusted or improved when I was younger. The faith I used to put in my Dad being able to sort something out for me was huge, and he usually did! I wonder what #godsworkbench would look like? And what faith we have in how he responds to our requests to fix things? If something doesn’t quite work out as we had hoped, does this mean that prayer hasn’t been answered or that God found a different way?

Good seed?

#332 When a gardener sows seeds, it is difficult to be certain of the outcome. Some seeds may come to nothing. Other seed may take, but die off quickly. Others may thrive, but get choked by weeds. Still others may get damaged by the good British summer, and be good for nothing. What about those which grow strong and produce good crops? How much work goes into them – the reward is great indeed! In the wake of the vote to leave the European Union, what insight is there in these thoughts which are based in a parable which Jesus told to encourage people to examine themselves and their attitude to God’s Kingdom? #foodforthought #matthew13v1to9 

Ordination retreats

#330 #praying for all those preparing to be #ordaineddeacon and #ordainedpriest in #petertide2016. For some retreats begin today, for others next Wednesday. May you know God’s awesome presence as you prepare to love and to serve as Jesus loves. “Be who you were created to be and you will set the world on fire.” #stcatherineofsienna