The Kitchen Table

There I stood at the door unaware my presence was already known, confused that I was expected, yet basking in the scent of baking bread beckoning me home. The cooking pot on the stove was larger than I had ever seen, animatedly exhaling the scent of pure love, bowed adoration bubbling from within. The radio... Continue Reading →

Seeking the Holy

I have loved going to places of pilgrimage in Tokyo and blending into the background as I watch the expectation of the sacred or seeking of the experience of the sacred. Yet at Sensouji, it was not so much the obvious places where I found the sacred, but somewhat off the beaten track. Old treasure,... Continue Reading →

New home

#678 #newhome #newstudy #newbookcases All very exciting to be building a new home and getting settled - loving the feeling of #godspeace and #godspresence in my study. 

Where do you find God?

#432 Where do you find God? In the busyness or in the quiet? This will be my next #placementchurch until Easter and there is a beautiful #ladychapel where you can really feel #God in the silence and stillness. 

Godly glow

#427 I went for an #earlymorningwalk to prepare for the day ahead...the #glow around the horizon served as a reminder of #godspresence as "the day lay open before us." #thelordishere #hisspiritiswithus #liftupyourhearts 


#407 The #chaplain was compared to a #fireextinguisher where access to it is always necessary, but it is not used all of the time. When needed it's taken off the wall, and then it's put back on the wall so that it can be found when needed next time. It's an incredibly humbling approach, but... Continue Reading →

Field service

#406 There was something incredible special and Godly about the #fieldservice that we had today. I have been really struck by the awesomeness of #simpleartefacts made for #padres or for use in #militaryworship I felt #godspresence more profoundly in the field, in the middle of his creation than I thought possible!

Brighten up!

#386 On #day4 of my #placement I took a walk around the #parish to deliver some flyers, pray and get a sense of the scale and demographic. I walked over five miles, and whilst I was shattered afterwards due to the lovely hot day, I saw it all as an incredible blessing. We spend so... Continue Reading →

The robin

#344 It's funny how people who have recently been bereaved find comfort in the presence of something their loved one liked or admired. We met this beautiful #robin yesterday who danced around us for a good few minutes, and was just lovely. #godinnature #presenceofgod

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