This has been a week of discomfort in various ways for me and others in parish at times. Last Saturday our churches clubbed together with the local social club to put on a Community Fun Day. It was really well attended, and in many ways a success, but it really took a number of people... Continue Reading →

A contrite heart

#662 I came across these #confessionbooths in the street as an anonymous act, but there for all to see as a form of #art - but which bit is art? The #truth, #vulnerability or #pride that goes along with some of the confessions? Does confession have to be accompanied with a #contriteheart?

#25 The mix of fire and coal can have a positive or negative effect: if it all works well, it can provide warmth and be used to cook food; if things are not going well, it can burn or start a fire. #Pride has a similar dual function and can be seen both positively and... Continue Reading →

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