Bars on the Windows


#599 #poem #reflection #prison

Bars on the windows
ration access to fresh air
Wind on your face
Rippling through your hair
So simple, yet so rare

Locks on every door
stop movement of choice
Bang, click and rattle
Secured sense of justice
With a hint of malice

Alone in a small space
but no sense of solitude
Constant shouting
Sentiments often so rude
Impossible to elude

Freedom soon vanished
diminished control of soul
No longer your own
Retribution takes its toll
Rehab aspiration hole

Longing for light

#489 #longingforlight #wewaitindarkness #longingforpeace #ourworldistroubled #longingforhope #manydespair #unitetoendviolenceagainstwomen Today I pray for those for whom the darkness overshadows the light. For those in #prison. For #victimsofabuse. For victims of #genderbasedviolence. Lord in your mercy; Hear our prayer. 

Prisons Week

#445 This week has been #prisonsweek – a week of prayer for the needs of all those affected by #prison. 96993 children have a parent in prison and the prison population is 85639 in the U.K. I pray for those children, and for all who are locked up tonight. I pray for strength and courage, forgiveness and love; Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.