#182 #psalm119 “Your word is a lantern to my feet and a light upon my path.” #light sustains us, it leads the way, it highlights things, it helps us to learn and grow by providing light to read, sunlight is nourishing, light is necessary! God gave us #eternallight and protects us from darkness. #godisourlight (at... Continue Reading →

#180 #thetencommandments provide the basis for a moral code. It is easy to think of moral code, and law which later developed, as a set of rules which you must keep…and which failing to will result in punishment. It is more than that though. Moral code and law is life-giving for all who abide by... Continue Reading →

#122 “I am your servant; O grant me understanding that I may know your testimonies.” #psalm119 It seems a little old fashioned to think of servants today, and yet Christians are called to have a #servantheart. For the last two weeks I have been serving in my college community as Church Sacristan but today was... Continue Reading →

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