Walk In My Shoes

#119 If you tried to #walkinmyshoes what would you make of my life? Would you make different decisions than me? Would you be able to understand how my experiences have shaped me and my approach to all life throws at me today? Would my shoes take you where they take me? Immediate responses to these questions may well be that of course another person would make different decisions, and that from my shoes alone, they would not gain an understanding of what makes me tick, and therefore they would head off in a different direction…as themselves in someone else’s shoes! So if we cannot get to the bottom of how someone has come to be in the situation they now find themselves, why do we #judge them? When others find themselves in different situations to ours, why do we #envy them? Why do we allow #jealousy into our hearts, or insist on comparing ourselves and our lives to others? We are all #fearfullyandwonderfullymade and we are all unique. Let us celebrate who we are and what we have rather than lust after what others have. How could we better spend our energies within a society where there is great need? #psalm139 (at Ripon College Cuddesdon)

What Are Your Gifts?

#71 #knitting is one of those things that I’ve always been able to do…well, my Grannie taught me when I was really wee and I loved it! I had knitted my first jumper by 7, and went on to give complicated aran patterns a go straight after! I’ve not really seen it as a gift or talent in the past, perhaps I’ve not even admitted to being able to do it… Worse still, I have been known to be envious of people who are musically gifted, artistic or good at sports. I’ve yearned to be good at something failing to recognise the many #gifts and talents that God has given me. We are all fearfully and wonderfully made, and awesome in our diversity and uniqueness! #psalm139 Think about your gifts, and what lovely things you can do with them…and go and do it! #useyourgifts (at Ripon College Cuddesdon)