Our reflection in others…

Peter the disciple reflected in others Stained glass windows go with the territory of being a priest with a multi-parish benefice. This particular window is a prominent reminder of God’s call on my life - St Peter keeps cropping up along the way. Also though, I can see in myself some of the qualities of... Continue Reading →

Bars on the Windows

#599 #poem #reflection #prison Bars on the windows ration access to fresh air Wind on your face Rippling through your hair So simple, yet so rare Locks on every door stop movement of choice Bang, click and rattle Secured sense of justice With a hint of malice Alone in a small space but no sense... Continue Reading →

I’m gonna’ look twice

#368 A further #exploration of our area took us on a walk to #iffleylock - an area which was scenic and held solitude and companionship alongside each other. My attention was taken by the water, which mirrors back what surrounds it. We probably look at our #reflection in the mirror a number of times a... Continue Reading →

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