The Bread of Love

Bread and jam or daily bread?  Bread winner or maker?  Bread of life or of love?  Bread with raise or  that which draws gaze?  Bread of diversity:  naan, chapattis, pita,  flat bread, baguette,  garlic bread and pizza…. It is kneaded - it grows,  it feeds, it permeates The bread of love The body of Christ... Continue Reading →

Speak out

#685 I've lit a #candle in memory of all those who have lost their lives in the #grenfelltower #fire. I have sat in my nice comfortable home with this small candle, well aware of my #privilege at having a home which is well looked after and does not put me in danger. I am also... Continue Reading →


#602 #day19 of #lentchallenge with @bible_society #remember as #journalling of important details, thoughts and feelings.

We will remember

#472 As I remembered on the #eleventhhour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, I was drawn to think about #families in particular - those who have loved and lost. Family is where ordinary life happens, where we gather, where we squabble, where we are accepted and loved and where we love in spite... Continue Reading →

Treasuring the moment

#335 Where time is limited, how would you spend it and who with? What last things would you want to say? What would you treasure? What would you wish to be remembered for? #treasureeverymoment

#104 We will #remember them. The Call of Home A river of tears cannot cleanse The unseen wound which does not heal There are more than battlefield shells So many human shells return home To the family never to be the same Children once had a dad to turn to Now he’s an island with... Continue Reading →

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