#231 As part of my placement I had the privilege of attending a Hindu Society meeting. It was so encouraging to see that the #hindusocietycommittee are taking seriously their #responsibility to create a #safespace to discuss real issues affecting young Hindu’s who have grown up in a #westerncontext The desire to be faithful to #god... Continue Reading →

#146 #Nelliethecat has a cat tunnel which has always been her #safespace. From day one we all knew that if she was in her tunnel, then we should not disturb her. It’s a brilliant concept, I wish I could have had one at work! What is your safe space, and how often do you allow... Continue Reading →

#92 What is #home? When does it feel like you are home? Is it people? Pets? A comfy sofa? Slippers perhaps? Getting home after a lovely weekend away, it was lovely to be greeted by Nellie and Trixie. Home is usually a #safespace but that can change with the introduction of an unfamiliar item can... Continue Reading →

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