Funeral ministry

#399 #day17 of placement involved a funeral preparation visit. Having been involved in a #funeral in the first week of placement, along with this has given me a real sense of the importance and privilege of #funeralministry. It seems to be one huge act of #service to a family, both in getting the preparations right, but also with pastoral care of mourners long after the funeral, when society expects normal life to have resumed. it’s such an important ministry which is a #privilege and comes with a huge #responsibility. 

Take your robot to church!

#396 #preparations for the #sundayservice on #day14 of #placement saw me packing a #robot into the car…I’m beginning to wonder whether I might be losing it a little?! #allageservice #visualaid 

Home communion

#387 #day5 of #placement involved a #homecommunion visit – it was such a privilege to take communion to a parishioner who had not been able to receive for months and share in that with them. #ministryoflove #ministryofservice 

The religious life

#363 Decided to @visitscotland as it is only an hour away. #melroseabbey was a beautiful place of great history with a sacred atmosphere. The #religiouslife has interested me for many years – what draws men and women to give up everything for a life of prayer and service? It must be a life of rich blessing and fulfilment! Today I #pray for all who live in religious communities, as well as those #exploringacall to the religious life.

Cuddesdon Summer Fete

#297 Preparations have been going ahead today for the one and only #cuddesdonsummerfete! It is an event not to be missed! The #britishfavourites will all be there: #splattherat and #hookaduck! I’ve never been involved in anything quite like it! Very exciting!

Sacristan duty

#296 As sacristan duty comes to an end, this is the last time I will prepare for the morning #Eucharist. It is a real #privilege to work behind the scenes, and to quietly #serve – I’ve enjoyed it immensely!

Service as slowing down

#292 Last week and this week I have the privilege of serving in my community as duty chapel #sacristan It is a wonderful, quiet act of #service to keep the chapel tidy and make sure all is in place for each service – it’s also a little worrying when you forget something! It is teaching me about the careful #attentiontodetail that I need to develop, somethings which can only be attained by slowing down…very difficult in the busyness of modern day life.


#283 Preparations for my last guest night speech! This evening was our last guest night of the academic year, and my final guest night as President of the Common Room. As I wrote my speech, I began to think about the huge privilege to have served the college community in this role, and how much I have enjoyed it. How Dr Who’s Amy Pond, cat treats, a bottle of port and a bunch of flowers all link up is one of life’s little mysteries! Today I thank God for #community, #friendship and #service.

Ethics of Mission

#272 What are the #ethicsofchristianmission? Is there a right way to #proclaimthegospel? “Preach the gospel and if necessary use words.” #saintfrancisofassisi
Myself and my colleague delivered a presentation on the ethics of mission yesterday. Perhaps we could say that God-centred mission involved #love, #humility and #service as three key components…all are inter-related and all are characteristics of Jesus. #shareyourthoughts 

Guest Night

#220 Guest night again at college, a time for #hospitality, #formality and #service. A time where you dress in your best as a guest or humbly serve your colleagues as a server. It truly is a marvellous part of formation, both bringing an opportunity #toserve and learning how #tobeserved (at Cuddesdon)