The Journey

A welcome retreat has given me an opportunity to reflect on which paths I have walked over the last twelve months, where I lost my way, as well as those moments I barely remember because I failed to pay attention. The next step is usually to look ahead, but I am beginning to wonder whether... Continue Reading →

Take off your shoes

Before standing on her own two feet practical, not pretty Start-Rite shoes shielded her; she tentatively walked endless pavements to school alongside familiar, reassuring, rhythmic, adult feet. Soon childlike shoes were gone, replaced; the landscape was different, new paths, alternative possibilities, came into focus. Not letting the grass grow under her feet she kept moving,... Continue Reading →

Shaking the Dust

Ancient custom decrees shaking shoe dust at unwelcome faces. Unspoken communication such as this seeks to acknowledge hostility which replaces delightful hospitality, where shoe shakes supersede handshakes! Such tradition comes not without trepidation, hesitation before final demonstration of submission to one’s wishes What brought me to stand at your door and desperately shake dust off... Continue Reading →


#301 What does your #shoerack say about you? Do your shoes represent different aspects of your #identity? Or different interests perhaps? Do they remind you of the places you've been? The walking or running that you've enjoyed? The painful blister you got? For me, my shoes are the #wallpaper for the last few years of... Continue Reading →


#254 These #shoes are lovely. Every time I see them, they make me smile. They are not my shoes though, but those of a friend. They seem very sensible and flat, comfortable...and a gorgeous colour. They are clearly loved, and they seem to go with so many outfits - they are perfect. I seem to... Continue Reading →

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