Adventure and exploration

I have been on annual leave this week and spending a very relaxing week in Sorrento, seeing the sights and sampling the delights of the surrounding areas - I never believed it would be possible to be sustained on a diet of pizza and gelato, but it seemed important to try it out! I don't... Continue Reading →

Impatience is a Virtue…

I've been reminded of an advert from about ten years ago which claimed that patience was for yesteryear, now impatience is a virtue. This advert has come back to me a number of times as I have thought about how telling it is of our society in some ways. The immediacy of communication has made... Continue Reading →

Ordinary people…?

#476 How do you take your #tea? How are you #different from others? What #similarities to others do you have? How about society more widely? What unites #ordinarypeople? What divides us? Does it matter? 

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