Holy Ground

This is Holy Ground I came across this sign whilst walking near a memorial in a local park...it made me wonder, what is more holy about the ground where we memorialise compared with the ground which we tread each day...? Last summer I went to a conference for people from a more catholic tradition who... Continue Reading →

間 – ma (space between)

I have spent a great deal of time thinking about the ways in which difference is held together in Japan, and the Japanese understanding of beauty and stillness. I have been struck by the number of people from other lands who have made Japan their home for so many years, as well as reflecting on... Continue Reading →


‪#609 #day25 of #lentchallenge with @bible_society #peace as #serenespace and #tranquility - essential to life!‬

Give way to self

#414 On #day26 of placement I had another opportunity to deliver a #homily on our readings for the mid-week Eucharist with 15 minutes notice. It's a skill that will be #invaluable in all areas of #ministry and yet it invokes more nerves than a full sermon usually does...why? For someone who always likes to plan... Continue Reading →

You’re in my seat!

#380 This is a perfect example of #youreinmyseat...cats are so territorial, part of me wants to question why, and then I looks round #localpubs, #restaurants with regular customers, my Dad at #home and even #church. It seems that so many of us are guilty of finding a spot we like, for whatever reason, and sticking... Continue Reading →

Staring at the ceiling

#294 Do you ever #stareattheceiling? What should be happening when you find yourself looking up and lost in thought? I love the 'stare at the ceiling' moments as it reminds me of the importance of getting lost in thought. Our minds are marvellous, with such potential, but we need to give them the space to... Continue Reading →

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