To Contemplate…SINCing with God

This morning I was at BBC Radio Leicester with Rupal Rajani taking a look at the papers for the day. It was a real joy to do this. Amongst the news we were talking around the topic of wellbeing, something we are all becoming more aware of in our lives. Rupal asked me what contemplative... Continue Reading →

Seeking the Holy

I have loved going to places of pilgrimage in Tokyo and blending into the background as I watch the expectation of the sacred or seeking of the experience of the sacred. Yet at Sensouji, it was not so much the obvious places where I found the sacred, but somewhat off the beaten track. Old treasure,... Continue Reading →

間 – ma (space between)

I have spent a great deal of time thinking about the ways in which difference is held together in Japan, and the Japanese understanding of beauty and stillness. I have been struck by the number of people from other lands who have made Japan their home for so many years, as well as reflecting on... Continue Reading →


#560 What do you #rely on, or cling onto? What keeps you standing when it feels like the world is against you? #Iamstillstanding

Holy Listening

#482 #theartofholylistening #listeninsilence #thegiftofvoice How often do we really listen, and allow someone to say all that they need to? #bestill #bewith #beinthemoment

Where do you find God?

#432 Where do you find God? In the busyness or in the quiet? This will be my next #placementchurch until Easter and there is a beautiful #ladychapel where you can really feel #God in the silence and stillness. 

Beauty of relationship 

#354 I came across this bench randomly which seems to encompass the beauty of relationship as #togetherness, #stillness and #solidarity for me. It's a rare find, but a real treasure when you do find it!

Taking Things For Granted

#258 This afternoon there was a #powercut in the village which stopped me in my tracks. I had been doing some work but the Internet and printer were both off. I had been meaning to get a cup of #tea for some time but that was not possible as even the hob is electric. There... Continue Reading →

#204 What a perfect location for #studying There is a real sense of #stillness and #presenceofgod Just lovely! Where do you feel most comfortable and creative to work? (at Cuddesdon)

#108 I struggled to photograph #stillness, which is in itself telling as I think we struggle to put it into practice. Nevertheless #psalm62 tells us to “Wait on God alone in stillness, O my soul; for in him is my hope.” Do you need to find God in stillness today?

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