As a former teacher the word detention was unfortunately part of my regular vocabulary whilst working in schools. Something perhaps less well known, thought about or understood though, was that detention was issued often not to punish, but rather with the intention of getting to know a student who was causing some sort of trouble. Troublesome behaviour... Continue Reading →

Stories untold

#556 #intrigue and #curiosity Whose is this, where did it come from? How old is it, how many people have owned it? What have they used it for? What is it used for now? I love #preciousthings, long cherished, which could tell us stories about generations of people...

The Bible

#420 The intensive study on #thebible has begun. What does the Bible mean for you? How does it shape your #ethical framework? Is it #authoritative, a collection of #stories or somewhere in between?


#301 What does your #shoerack say about you? Do your shoes represent different aspects of your #identity? Or different interests perhaps? Do they remind you of the places you've been? The walking or running that you've enjoyed? The painful blister you got? For me, my shoes are the #wallpaper for the last few years of... Continue Reading →

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