Birdsong and growing in radiance

Following on from my Masters degree where I focused on using photography as a tool to explore matters of faith and belief, I embarked on a DTh in Practical Theology in September last year. My plan was to research the impact of visual story-telling within church contexts. This week I made a difficult decision to... Continue Reading →

Beyond the Study

The comfortable security gently draws me in. The old leather arm chair sits in the corner waiting to envelope, to take me home, back to a time and place which no longer exists with the charm and charisma of wonderful nostalgia. The leather smell releases as I sink deep into the chair which empowers the... Continue Reading →

Learn and know less…

#304 Having completed an assignment on #covenant, I now feel that I know less than when I started! #alberteinstein "The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don't know!"

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