I've been reading The Lonely City, which has seemed apt to be reading in the week of World Mental Health Day on 10th October. How is it that the loneliest places can often be the busiest places, where people go virtually unnoticed? We live life so quickly that it is possible to avoid meaningful conversations with anyone when... Continue Reading →


#435 A #bridge is a powerful symbol of #journey #crossing #progress #support. Also Jesus acts as bridge between God and humanity. This week the bridge feels particularly pertinent as I'm getting into assignments and begin to look ahead to what is next. 

Living in Community

#289 What I love about living in #community are the #relationships. It's a little bit like a family, and when something goes wrong for any one of us, all are there, doing what they can to #love, #serve and #support either practically, spirituality or emotionally. Relationships are key to #beinghuman and the more we invest... Continue Reading →

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