#577 #symbols and #reminders are all around usĀ as things we surround ourselves with. We may even disclose aspects of our identity through them. I've worn a cross in the past to remind me to think before I speak, to avoid reacting. This particular #celticcross has a circle around the intersection to symbolise the eternal love... Continue Reading →

Hearts of glass

#539 A #preciousgift given long ago seems to have broken beyond repair - it's upsetting when important #symbols of our #love and #affections are #damaged. I've been reminded of the importance of our feelings, and looking after one another, whatever damage falls around us. Human hearts of love Fragile yet beautiful glass Easily broken...


#521 This is one of the "Dovelies" as I call them - lovely doves - for #day5 of Happy Animal Life. The goal is to post a picture of your pet once a day for 5 days. Your post demonstrates that you take a stand against #animalabuse. These doves are a sign of peace and... Continue Reading →

Female role models

#477 #femininesymbols #femalerolemodels A discussion group that I am part of was focusing on the #language we use to talk about #God, but also how are own understanding of language is #shaped by personal experience. What female role models do you look to?

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