#283 Preparations for my last guest night speech! This evening was our last guest night of the academic year, and my final guest night as President of the Common Room. As I wrote my speech, I began to think about the huge privilege to have served the college community in this role, and how much I have enjoyed it. How Dr Who’s Amy Pond, cat treats, a bottle of port and a bunch of flowers all link up is one of life’s little mysteries! Today I thank God for #community, #friendship and #service.

Smoky Russian Caravan…

#253 I received some Smoky Russian Caravan #tea through the post as a gift. It is my favourite tea, with a lovely taste which just envelopes and relaxes you. A cup of tea is a #beautifulgift – one which I cherish and thank God for today.


#13 Lammas Service today – a service which is an ancient celebration of the first fruits and a reminder of our dependence on God. What will he provide you with this week?
#thankfulness #godprovides #lammastide

One Big Sky

#7 One big sky! Whoever we are, wherever we are, we all wake up, live our lives and sleep under this one big sky. This one big sky that God created houses people, animals and all of Gods creations. We are all fearfully and wonderfully made (psalm 139) and the awesomeness and beauty of the sky has reminded me of that today! Thanks be to God!