One last thing…

#353 #onelastthing you can do for a loved one is to ensure their life is marked appropriately and that they are sent off with all the love and care possible. These orders of service reflect a good few hours of #thought, #preparation and #attentiontodetail and were a very small pleasure to do at such a... Continue Reading →

Staring at the ceiling

#294 Do you ever #stareattheceiling? What should be happening when you find yourself looking up and lost in thought? I love the 'stare at the ceiling' moments as it reminds me of the importance of getting lost in thought. Our minds are marvellous, with such potential, but we need to give them the space to... Continue Reading →

Writing will change the world…

#265 #thepenismightierthanthesword Thinking and writing has far more influence than violence. Today during our evening worship we thanked God for the #knowledge of the many who have gone before us, as well as those we learn from. I #pray for all who are revising for exams that they would gain knowledge and #wisdom through their... Continue Reading →

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