Soaking in the Flora and Fauna

Yesterday I went to Salcey Forest to take part in a Forest Bathing workshop with Wilder Lives for the first time...and I loved it! Forest bathing We began by slowing down and looking at the wider forest. We looked at what drew our attention close by, and then in the middle distance before doing the... Continue Reading →

A Hidden Community

Tree of life Some time ago now I was really inspired by Peter Wohlleben's The Hidden Life of Trees within which he explains what happens out of sight, how trees form community, how the stronger look after the weaker trees - even when they are different species. I find myself drawn back to some of... Continue Reading →

Wisdom of trees

#460 My evening with #youthgroup ended with #starsparklers which I've never seen before!!! Sat round a #fire with #hotchocolate, #toastingmarshmallows we talked about what the fire and #trees might tell us if they could talk...put roots down and live for now - don't put it off until later because you're busy were some of the... Continue Reading →

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