Radical Unity

This weekend, as the Seventh Sunday of Easter, and the Sunday after Jesus' Ascension to the Father, the gospel passage takes us back to before Jesus was crucified, when he was interceding on behalf of the disciples to God the Father. His prayer for them is deeply moving, calling for their unity with God the... Continue Reading →

A contrite heart

#662 I came across these #confessionbooths in the street as an anonymous act, but there for all to see as a form of #art - but which bit is art? The #truth, #vulnerability or #pride that goes along with some of the confessions? Does confession have to be accompanied with a #contriteheart?

#18 Shine a light! This was a catchphrase of mine in my late teens. It progressed to “the truth will set you free!” Jesus wants us to be liberated, not caught up with past secrets and experiences. #shinealight #truth #free

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