Holy Ground

This is Holy Ground I came across this sign whilst walking near a memorial in a local park...it made me wonder, what is more holy about the ground where we memorialise compared with the ground which we tread each day...? Last summer I went to a conference for people from a more catholic tradition who... Continue Reading →


The visibility of 'Church' I've read and watched with interest as so many have grappled with, or tried to make sense of, this season of lockdown, where we are absent from our churches. I've very much felt the presence of pray-ers in the walls in some churches, and have loved the sense of God's presence... Continue Reading →

Field service

#406 There was something incredible special and Godly about the #fieldservice that we had today. I have been really struck by the awesomeness of #simpleartefacts made for #padres or for use in #militaryworship I felt #godspresence more profoundly in the field, in the middle of his creation than I thought possible!

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