Photographic Journal: March

Coffee break Winding roads Lone barn Negative space Prayer Birds Journalling Rare empty desk Fabulous book Steady growth Whiston Working day Yearning for Japan Spring is in the air Window light Serenity of swans Mandarin duck encounter Daffodils Tree cathedral Blooming blossom Anniversary potatoes Rectory garden Bloom Feeding time... Brave soul Sunset Blossom in the... Continue Reading →


#511 A fundraiser for @jasminehouselrc with #comedy and #performancepoetry made me think about the power of #writing, or the #pen, and who holds that #power, or #access to it. As well as access, who decides what is available to read in the news? Is it possible for that to be #nonbiased?

Writing will change the world…

#265 #thepenismightierthanthesword Thinking and writing has far more influence than violence. Today during our evening worship we thanked God for the #knowledge of the many who have gone before us, as well as those we learn from. I #pray for all who are revising for exams that they would gain knowledge and #wisdom through their... Continue Reading →

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